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■Koppe(Shiba Inu)

Koppe the Shiba-inu is Kinako & Kuromitsu's mother. She loves to go for walks and her motto is “Never go down the same road you've already walked down once." When she smells the smell of freshly baked bread, she starts dancing merrily.


A plush toy to help you with proper posture, the PosturePal BIG is more stable and supports your “hunchback” posture.


The Posture Pal Big is 1.4 times larger than the regularL- size, and the larger area provides more comfort and stability.


This plush toy can be placed between your desk and your abdomen to help you solve the problem of hunchback. Inside the plush toy is a heart-shaped cushion, which provides solid support to prevent the tendency to lean forward when working at a desk for long periods of time, reducing fatigue during work or study.


The Posture Pal BIG is 1.4 times larger than the regular size to better support your posture! To prevent the Cute Little Animals from being dropped, it is firmly between the tummy and the desk, which naturally elongates the back muscles, resulting in good posture. Ideal for work and study, as well as reading and other hobbies.



Posture Pal (Big) Koppe Shiba Inu

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