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Figures from the popular “Cherry Blossom Series”, released in 2019, are now available with different coloring.
In this series, Sonny Angel dreams about the beauty of cherry blossoms at night. And like actual cherry blossoms, the Sonny Angel Cherry Blossom Series – Night Version, can be enjoyed for only a short time.
These figures will gently watch over you and bring you peace and comfort like a nighttime cherry blossom illuminated by the soft moonlight.



Images of cherry blossoms are seen in various locations on these angels such as on the rabbit’s ears and in the peacock’s feathers.
The elegant and sophisticated images of “Sakura at night” are expressed in pale purple hues.

Cherry blossoms are richly symbolic, and have been utilized often in Japanese art, manga, anime, and film. Now, you can enjoy Cherry Blossoms At Night with Sonny Angel in your home.




It looks like colorful cherry blossoms are dancing on the Rabbit’s head. Cherry blossom petals are also seen inside the ears.


Calico Cat:

Cherry blossoms create the pattern of the Calico Cat. The gentle gradation of color on the costume is very elegant.



Cherry blossoms in full bloom adorn the horns of the Goat. He gently watches over you under the soft moonlight.



The Peacock gracefully displays his plumage to welcome the spring season. His comb and feathers sport cherry blossom petals.

Sonny Angel: Cherry Blossom Series (Night Edition)

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