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Australian Sock


Zuny’s adorable little critters aren’t so little anymore! This giant version of the classic Zuny Gorilla is a perfect statement piece for both the playroom and living room. 

In keeping with the brands principle to cause no harm to animals, each Zuny is made from microfibre & polyester. Each piece is designed for long-term use and can be dusted with a damp microfibre cloth when needed. 

Material: Microfibre, Polyester, Iron Beads

Dimensions: 85cm x 70cm x 68cm

Giant Gorilla Black Zuny

  • Item in packaging
    Length: 90 cm
    Width : 75 cm
    Height : 73 cm
    Weight : 20.43 kg
    Item size and weight
    Length: 85 cm
    Width : 70 cm
    Height : 68 cm
    Weight : 10 kg
    Capacity : ml
    Item details
    Material : Microfibre
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