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This headband instantly adapts to the shape of your head.

Everyone knows that too tight a headband is not comfortable to wear. Forget about too tight and uncomfortable hair accessories! HAIRHALO is the right product for lovers of style and comfort. Thanks to its patented technology, this accessory adapts instantly to you. Shape and arrange it as you need. Whether it's too tight or too loose in no time, you can tailor it to ensure the perfect fit. The result will always be elegant, comfortable and above all without inconvenience.

The Invisibobble HAIRHALO is a headband for adjustable and super trendy hair. Once you try it, you won't be able to do without it! The perfect accessory that does not pull the hair or tighten, an essential product for lovers of style and comfort.

Thanks to patented technology, HAIRHALO can be adjusted according to the size and shape of your head, to ensure maximum comfort when worn.
The design is minimalist chic for a great look day or night!
Now in a limited edition with subtle pearls and shiny black fabric for a day or night look.

Made like the famous influencer Leonie Hanne, and adorn your hair with this super trendy accessory.

comfortable to wear all day
unique size
high comfort
do not leave a trace
love your hair

Invisibobble Hairhalo - Sparks Flying We're Ornament to Be

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