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This plush toy can be placed between your desk and your abdomen to help you solve the problem of hunchback. Inside the plush toy is a heart-shaped cushion, which provides solid support to prevent the tendency to lean forward when working at a desk for long periods of time, reducing fatigue during work or study.


Mocottie the Yeti resides on a snowy mountain but dislikes cold weather. His preferred dish is corn soup. With his thick hair, he often goes to sleep with his hair in disarray.


Hippers are a completely new decorative figure that can be attached to a computer or photo frame. When attached to your items, Hippers will gently look after you.

Cuteness Bundle: Posture Pal Yetti + Sonny Angel Hippers Animal

$77.98 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price
  • Get a Posture Pal and a Sonny Angel Hippers together for only $65. (Originally $77.98)

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